Apr 9, 2011

White Nights in Tallinn | Estonia

This beautiful card of Tallinn was sent by Ella via postcrossing [EE-98433]. She lives there with her family. She tells me that on the card we can see the old town of Tallinn, which is an Unesco World Heritage Site,  in White Nights. "In June we have White Nights. It is not dark in night: on the card you can see the darkest time (you can read newspaper without extra light)."
 Sounds like an incredible experience! I hope I will see it for myself someday :)


  1. Beautiful card of Tallinn. And very interesting blog. Are you interested in swaps? I can offer you UNESCO postcards from Spain.

  2. very nice and interesting card!

  3. I like this card, too. I didn't know about White Nights!!

    @Famalubel Please contact me through my profile at postcrossing [username: iridakigr] or send me an email at ikouneni@gmail.com. Please note that i will send you a card only once i get a card from you. Thanx for visiting my blog :)