Nov 7, 2015

Italian Family business | Italy

Mrs N. Drury must have been a lovely lady. I found two postcard sent to her by her children and grandchildren in two subsequent years.

The first one was sent by her grandson, Richard, from Rimini, Italy. Mrs Drury lived in Middlesex, England.

He wrote: 'Dear Grandma, The weather is very good here, and I am having a most enjoyable time. Give my love to all at 59 [the number of their house], and I hope you are all well. Love, Richard'. It was postmarked on 24 June 1967. The first two stamps used were of 5 and 10 lire. The third one commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Republic [2 June 1946-1966].

One year later, the rest of the family sent a postcard from Lignano. They wrote: 'Dear Mother, This time we found our way to the shores of the Andriatic Sea half way between Venice and Trieste.The weather is not so hot as Spain, but hot enough. The beach is very crowded with hundreds of Italian familys all looking after their bambinos. Hope you are well. Love Maurice, Peg, Phil and Steve'.

It was postmarked on 6 August 1968.

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