May 29, 2017

Geranium "Gustav Emich"

I don't prefer postcards with flowers on them, but this is part of my collections and I have to admit the colours are quite nice. It depicts Geranium "Gustav Emich", Latin name Pelargonium hortorum, Family Geraniaceae. One of the varieties used for summer bedding. The South African Pelargonium zonale, from which modern "Geranium" were evolved, was brought to England in 1710, but it is rarely seen now.

 The card was posted on 13 October 1972 and a 2 1/2 p stamp was used. It reads: 'Friday. After many attemps we found good digo address "Cedar Lodge" Guest House, Phone Shanklin 3268, 28 ARTHURS HILL, Shanklin, I.W. Food excellent for us. Weather fine but not very warm now. Quite a few people still having late holidays. Hoping you are not feeling too upset by change. Trust all are well. Fondest love from B. & Kath'. 

I did a little research and even though I found "Cedar Lodge" Guest House in some local websites, I couldn't find anything that would indicate it is still open.

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