Oct 23, 2010

Port Salut, Haiti

This postcard arrived yesterday 22/10/2010 and as you can see on the stamp it was sent on 29 of September! It took approximately three weeks to come from Haiti to Greece!! It worth it! Shallale sent it to me and she writes: "Enjoy this scene of after fishing". As I read in the back of the card, this is Port Salut.

Port-Salut is a coastal town in the Sud Department of Haiti and the hometown of Haiti's deposed president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide who was born there in 1953. Port-Salut is a popular destination for local Haitians as well as tourists to a certain degree seeking relaxation and tranquility due to the beautiful beaches that the town is surrounded by. The area has yet to be discovered on a mainstream tourist level. With proper management and investment, Port-Salut could become a major tourist destination in Haiti, a country whose tourism industry, full of potential, has been struggling for decades. [wikipedia]

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