Oct 30, 2010

Gerald Hoberman | South Africa

Beautiful, colorful postcard sent by Rosey from South Africa. As she writes, these are common aspects of her city, as it is full of art, spray paintings etc, and of the town life [commonly known as the Cape Flats].

The pictures on this card are by Gerald Hoberman Collection. THE HOBERMAN COLLECTION is an international specialist publisher of award-winning photographic books featuring the multifaceted attributes of countries, cities, and wildlife. Launched in 1996, The Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection publishes the photographs of the world-renowned South African father and son team exclusively.

The Hobermans’ quest is fueled by a passion for sharing their positive vision of the world through photography. Their thirst for adventure has led them increasingly far from home to cover a variety of subjects, such as the majestic tiger in its natural habitat, the frozen splendor of the Arctic tundra, the spectacular deserts of Namibia, and the vibrancy of the city of New York and its people. [hobermancollection.com]

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