Sep 25, 2010

Royal Salt Mine "Wieliczka" #1

The St Kinga's Chapel, Leonardo da Vinci's fresco "The last supper" was the model for the rock-salt relief carved.

This "painting"is actually carved on a wall made of salt..pretty impressive!!

It is an Unesco World Heritage Site.


  1. I visited this UNESCO World Heritage site back in 1997. We rode an elevator back to the top of the mine once the tour was over. VERY scary ride! More thrilling than any amusement park rollercoaster!

  2. I haven't been to the Salt Mine. The friend [who was thoughtful enough to bring me some postcards] was very fascinated by it and still, when it comes up to a discussion, he describes it as a unique experience!
    I have three more postcards from the Salt Mine. I will upload them as soon as possible :)