Nov 7, 2010

Syros, η αρχόντισσα των Κυκλάδων

Syros is one of my favorite Greek islands! As you can see, Ermoupoli [the capital of Syros] is built on two hills. Each hill has a church built on top of it. On the right hill there is the Greek Orthodox Church and on the left there is the Cappuccine Catholic Church. Ermoupoli used to be a small village, called Syros. When there was the destruction of some Greek islands such as Chios, Psarra etc, the fugitives came to Syros. Syros' inhabits didn't want the refugees to live near them, so they gave them the beach beneath Syros. The refugees tried very hard to built their houses on the sand and year after year the small village started to grow. They built a harbor, hospital and many goverment buildings. The mail road was named after Ermis, the ancient Greek god of commerce. Later, as the harbor became the biggest in Greece, the whole city was renamed after him, Ermoupoli [literally meaning the city of Ermis]. Ermoupoli is -in my opinion- one of the most beautiful Greek cities. Every building has its history and every time I walk around the small alleys, I feel I am travelling back in time!

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