Sep 16, 2015

Chaturbhuj temple | India

This beautiful postcard was sent by Ajay from India via postcrossing [IN-157492]. It shows Chaturbhuj temple. Chaturbhuj temple (Devanagri: चतुर्भुज मंदिर) is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The name Chaturbhuj (Devanagri: चतुर्भुज) is a derived from Sanskrit words चतु: = four and भुजा = arms, which literally means One who has four arms; and refers to Lord Vishnu.

The temple is Date-able to CIRCA 1100 A.D. This temple is also known as Jatakari (Devanagri: जटकारी) Temple on the name of the village Jatakari (Devanagri: जटकारी), where it is located. Yasovarman of the Chandela Dynasty built the temple at Khajuraho. [wikipedia]

The stamps show the Old Seminary in Kottayam, Samrat Ashoka and the Intenational Day of Yoga.

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