Nov 21, 2015

Vilnius | Lithuania

This is my first postcard from Lithuania! It is a multi-view postcard of Vilnius sent by Margarita via postcrossing [LT-473862]. 

Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, is known for its baroque architecture, seen especially in its medieval old town. But the buildings lining this district’s partially cobblestoned streets reflect diverse styles and eras, from the neoclassical Vilnius Cathedral to Gothic St. Anne's Church. The 16th-century Gate of Dawn, containing a shrine with a sacred Virgin Mary icon, once guarded an entrance to the original city.

It was postmarked on 02 November 2015 in Garliava, Lithuania.
Date of issue: 8th November 2014
Designer: Augustina Gruzdyte
Paper: chalky
Printing process: offset
Perforation: comb 13 1/4 : 13
Size of a stamp: 30 x 40 mm.
Sheet composition: 50 (10 x 5) stamps.
Printing run: 750.000
2.80 Lt. multicoloured. Santa by a balloon.

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