Oct 2, 2015

Samburu Warriors | Kenya

This is my first postcard from Kenya! It was sent by Kiyoung via postcrossing [KE-2528]. It shows some Samburu warriors. As my fellow postcrosser informed me 'Samburu is one of the 42 tribes in Kenya'.

The Samburu tribe are a Nilotic tribe that inhabits Kenya's northern plains. They are a Maa-speaking group, and are very similar to the Maasai tribe. Like the Maasai, the Samburu are nomadic pastoralists, moving from one place to another following patterns of rainfall in search of fresh pasture and water for their cattle, camels, goats and sheep.

The Samburus are considered even more traditional and remote than their Maasai kin, and have maintained the authenticity of their culture by sticking to their ancient traditions and defying modern trends.

Other neighbors of the Samburu tribe include the pastoral Turkana, Rendille and Borana tribes. Samburu history is intertwined with that of Kenya's other Nilotic tribes. Samburus are known to have originated from Sudan, settling north of Mount Kenya and south of Lake Turkana in Kenya's Rift Valley area. Upon their arrival in Kenya in the 15th century, the Samburu parted ways with their Maasai cousins, who moved further south while the Samburu moved north. The Samburu were not very affected by British colonial rule since the British did not find their land particularly attractive.

Traditionally, the Samburu believed in one supreme god - Nkai or Ngai - who was thought to reside in the mountains. Diviners often acted as intermediaries between other mortals and Nkai. Today, while many Samburu people still adhere to their traditional religion, some have adopted the Christian or Islamic faith. [Read more here]

She has also put these beautiful Kenyan stamps but also one Korean [as she originates from Korea].


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