Jun 3, 2017

CISV International

This is a postcard of CISV. The design was done by Lisa Ahlstrand and Debbie Wise. CISV International is a global community of dedicated volunteers, creating opportunities for all ages to experience the excitement and enrichment of cultural diversity through our educational programmes. CISV was founded in 1950 on the belief that peace is possible through friendship – and that the real difference can be made by starting with children.

It was posted on 24 October 1989 from Hisings Kärra, Sweden. It reads: 'My dear friend Elena! Happy birthday [I wear our ring every day. Do you?] I hope you'll have a good day. I had a "good" birthday even if I was crying all the time. I had a GREAT summer and that's the best. I miss you a lot. Maybe we'll see each other next summer. Kim & I think of going to a seminar and then come to see you. Wouldn't that be great? I hope my dream will come true. Keep in touch! I love you & miss you Karin. Take care!

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