Oct 12, 2010

..and then, there is paradise..

This Summer we decided to spend most of our vacations at some exotic island, where there would be only palm trees, golden sand and us! For some reason [still I cannot explain why], we thought of Canary Islands. We booked flights and hotel and off we went... What a disappointment.. Due to the volcano, there was only black sand and in addition in every beach there were thousands of people. We were pretty bumped but managed to have a good time.

When we returned to Greece, summer was not over yet, so we went at Crete island. And then, there was paradise. Beautiful, not crowded beaches and we even saw some palm trees. As you can see on the card, Vai is a golden sand beach with a palm forest!

I didn't know paradise was so close at home =]


  1. That's too bad how the Canary Islands trip turned out, but Vai beach looks awesome.

  2. Luckily, it was not a complete disaster [people and food at Canary Islands were awesome and the volcano at Teide park was amazing]!

    If you ever visit Crete you should definately visit Vai :)