Oct 16, 2010

From Bucharest to a greek Kafeneio in Athens

 Once again I took a walk at Monastiraki, where there is aflea market of antiques and old things. I found some beautiful postcards. The one I like the most is this :

 It is a card of Romania, but unfortunately the stamps cover the description of the place. In the back there are six different stamps!

But, what I like most in this card is that it is addressed to George Taflian and instead of an address it was sent to the local Kafeneioand at the bottom says: "Guys, hello from Bucharest to everybody".
Kafeneio is a Greek kind of cafeteria, where only men used to go. There they would drink traditional Greek coffee or ouzo, they would play cards and discuss about politics. Depending on in which neighborhood the Kafeneio was, you would see not only people of the lower class, but also people of the spirit [professors, writers, poets etc]. Kafeneia [plural of Kafeneio] still exist, but nowadays you may even see women there.

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