Oct 16, 2010


Ok...this is the most weird card I have. It was sent on 25 September 1908 from Harwich (a small port in Essex) to London. In the front it is written: "It's simply glorious here!".

And, as you can see, there is this cute scene.

But, in the back, it says: "Dear L. hope you are quite well as I am same  at present. sorry to say I am deprived of the top of my Finger second on the Left Hand. Hope you will excuse me for not writing [?]
Remember me to Rose"

This is all so weird... How did he lost the top of his finger and what was his relationship with the two women (L. and Rose)? Too bad we will never know :(

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  1. Hi Iris. I love vintage postcards and love even more the stories that you learn from the messages on it. I think this guy is just making an excuse - no matter how weird it sounded hahaha.
    Thank you for dropping by my blog earlier. I am going to link yours in mine. Have a nice day.

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