Feb 7, 2011

Antiparos island

This postcard was sent to my father by a friend from Antiparos. As his friend writes in the back of the card: "Here it is very nice. You can rent a donkey in order to get on the top of the mountain, which is called Petaloudas (it means Butterflies in Greek) "

The island of Antiparos, a summer resort ideal for peaceful and quiet vacations, located in the heart of the Cyclades Islands cluster, at a very close distance from the famous island of Paros, is 34 square kilometers and it is 12.5 kilometers by 5.5 kilometers (8 x 3 miles). The tallest peak is Prophet Elia (at 399 meters altitude) which is found in the center of the island. Mainly barren, the earth is volcanic in origin. In ancient times, the island was green but it seems that some intervening destruction of unknown nature changed all that. It's ancient name was "Oliaros", meaning forested island.
Endued with sheer natural beauty, the island of Antiparos throbs with golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and verdurous landscapes full of cedar trees, which shall captivate your sight, your soul and your heart. Above all, the breathtaking cave of Antiparos is the most interesting natural sightseeing of the whole island of Antiparos. [official site]

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