Feb 6, 2011


This postcard was sent on 20 August 1973 from Evi to my aunt. It shows a woman selling decorated pots at Sokoto, Northern Nigeria. In the back it says: "Nigeria, the most populous single African nation on the continent of Africa, lies on the west coast and has a rich tradition and culture closely connected with her religious beliefs and the rites and practices related to them. Traditional religion has given the people a heritage of culture and tradition which is still noticeable despite later influence by Islam and Christianity. The agriculture, music, art, craft, language and economies of the country still bear traces of this influence. "

I have never been to Nigeria, let alone Africa, but I really want to. I am very fascinated by African culture and music. Lets hope I will be able to visit Africa one day!!

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  1. I enjoy reading this stuff, i am a nigeria from the nothern part. Thnx