Feb 14, 2011


This one arrived today!! It was sent by Airi from snowy Kemi via postcrossing [FI-1015333].

Kemi is located in Sea Lapland (Meri-Lappi) in the middle of the Bothnian Arc that has a population of some 820,000.It is easy to come and fall in love with Kemi. You can reach it by air, rail or road - all roads lead to Kemi.  Kemi has the only deep-water harbour in Lapland so it is capable of addressing the needs of the business sector.

Trade, services, industry and cutting-edge technology
Kemi is the centre of trade and services in Sea Lapland. It houses the paper mills of Stora Enso and Metsä-Botnia and Outokumpu's Kemi mine. Digipolis - Kemi Technology Park offers top-flight expertise for use by the industrial sector. The city center has a number of special stores famous throughout the region so it also attracts people from far away areas.
A wealth of educational services and urban culture
Educational services are offered by Lappia Vocational College, Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, local workers' colleges and open colleges, and the Kemi unit of the University of Lapland and the University of Oulu. Kemi also has a theatre, city orchestra, regional art museum, indoor swimming pool, ice stadium, indoor football ground, golf course and a yachting centre. It is home to two world famous attractions - ice breaker Sampo and Kemi Snow Castle
Opportunities and faith in future
Kemi is an ideal place for companies, thanks to its excellent location and the availability of highly committed, skilled labour. The focus in Kemi is on high-quality living in an urban environment close to the sea.
Fennovoima's nuclear power plant project, Vapo's biofuel plant, YIT's Sarius tourism project, mining projects in Lapland and the extensions of the Outokumpu mine and steelworks ensure that the economy will keep flourishing and bring well-being and prosperity to the local people. [Kemi official site]

Founded: 5.3.1869
Area:  747 km2
Land area: 95 km2
Subregion:  Kemi-Tornio
Province: Lappi
Municipal tax: 20,75 %

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