Aug 23, 2015

Cynthia's trip | Italy

Cynthia went on a coach trip to Italy in July[?] 1969. I don't know her but I know much about that trip through these two postcards. Her first [?] stop was in Rome.

She writes: 'It is our last day in Rome, and we have just finished taking photographs of this building "The Victor Emmanuel Monument". It is very tiring walking around Rome, but we want to see all we can while we're here, unlike the rest of the party who are content to sit on a coach day after day. We find it cheaper to. Do hope you are keeping well dear. Love from Cynthia xxx'

She used two stamps, on of 5 Lire and one of  50 Lire.

Her next stop was Sorrento. It does look lovely.

She writes: ' Do hope you are well dear. After a long coach journey from Rome to Sorrento we arrived at our beautiful hotel. What a difference from the one in Rome: Marble walls and glittering chandeliers. A heavenly bedroom with period style furniture, and best of all good ENGLISH food. A private beach which unfortunately consists of rocks is just below the hotel. It is surprising how primitive the country folk are; they live in little shacks on the wilds. Love from Cynthia xxx'

I love it when in some old postcards you can learn a bit of the local way of living at time.

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